board members

Mr. R. Kanhye


Mr. M. Jhummun

Vice Chairperson

Mrs. K. F. Boodhoo

Representative of Prime Minister’s Office

Mr. D. Mathoora

Representative of the Ministry of Finance, Economic  Planning & Development

Mrs A. S. Jauhangeer

Representative of the Ministry of Arts & Cultural Heritage

Mrs. L.D. Rupear

Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Mr. N. Seedoyal

Representative of Ministry of Tourism

Mr. G. Bissessur

Representative from Mahatma Gandhi Institute

Mr. S. Dowlutrao

Representative of the National Heritage Fund

Mrs. S. Pahuja

Representative of the High Commission of India

Dr A. Janoo


Mr T. Ennergeet


Mrs. S. Ramlallah


Mrs. K. Dookeeram


Mr. D. Beejan, PDSM


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